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Bong Water Pipe Dap rig Saml Glass

The bong has a long and eventful history. Originating almost 2,500 years ago from basic bamboo bongs, the glass bong is a tried and tested smoking device for everyone from the novice to the experienced smoker.

Today the glass bong has evolved again. Fitted with various features designed to expand the smoke’s surface area against the water, you’ll get the delicious flavor of your favorite herb without the hot inhale that every smoker hates. The latest glass bongs are designed for both flavor and comfort.

Bongs are a different sort of water pipe that is used to consume cannabis. As such having a good bong is an essential to any cannabis enthusiast’s collection. The problem that most run into with a bong is that there are so many to choose from! There are so many different types of bongs in all shapes and sizes, and from many different brands and artists.