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Bong Water Pipe Dap rig Saml Glass

Dab rigs,also called oil rigs,are similar to bongs but are used for dabbing legal waxes and oil instead of dry herbs.Dab rigs is always in high-demand. When selecting a dab rig, you want to assure that you're getting the highest quality components. Our offerings are made from extraordinary Borosilicate glass, and we have a wide range of sizes and options to choose from

Baby Bottle Dab Rig Diffusion Perc Clear
Barrel Recycler Rig With Matrix Perc Clear
Bottle Dab Rig With Matrix Perc
Circular Dab Rig Honeycomb And Showerhead Perc Green
Dabman Oil Rigs Lantern With Diffusion Perc Black
Donut Diffusion Oil Rig Clear
Double Matrix J Hook Perc Dab Rig Blue
Double Matrix Perc Dab Rig Clear
Double Recycler Dab Rig with Diffusion Perc Clear
Headhammer Perc Oil Rig Sandblasted Clear
Ice Cream Dab Rig With Diffusion Perc Color
Mini Glass Dab Rig With Honeycomb Perc Blue/Green
Mini Matrix Perc Dab Rig
Saml Worm Diffusion Pump Dab Rig
Sasquatch Bee Hive Bubblers Clear